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A must read for any novelist.

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The best way to have a successful novel is to learn to be a master at generating tension and conflict on every page. Of course we need to have an overall story problem that the protagonist needs to resolve by the end of the story. But, a lot of the story tension responsible for turning pages will be generated by things other than theBig Boss Troublemaker (antagonist responsible for the main story problem in need of solving).

Bad choices, baggage, close-range antagonists, false starts, wrong turns, protag’s immaturity are all ways we can keep readers wanting more. We generate questions that beg answers and give just enough for the reader to keep going, but not enough for the reader to feel quite satisfied.

If we don’t generate questions needing answers, the reader grows quickly bored. On the other hand, if we never give even little answers, the reader…

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Book Cover Portfolio

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For authors looking for book cover design. Book Cover Portfolio.

Having a costume contest!! Best Elementris Costume!!!

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Just pick your favorite element from, The Vangeretta Curse. Put together an Elementris costume and post the pic on the Facebook page!! Post on the Facebook page!!!!!!/ChristinaMobleyAuthor


The Vangeretta Curse ~Elementris~

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<a href="The Vangeretta Curse ~Elementris~” title=”The Vangeretta Curse ~Elementris~“>The Vangeretta Curse ~Elementris~

The Vangeretta Curse: Elementris Review by Literati Literature Lovers

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The Vangeretta Curse: Elementris.

So… Here’s the deal…

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So… Here’s the deal….

The Vangeretta Curse “What it’s about…”

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There are people born in this world with a powerful connection to the earth itself.

          They have an unbreakable and extraordinary bond. Every seven years, five people are born on the same day, at the exact same time. The elements bind them; earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit. They call them, Elementris.

       Ava Vangeretta is seventeen years old and different. Unlike most born of the element, she was born alone. She has the power of all five elements. Ava is the first True Elementris to be born in many years. As her eighteenth birthday approaches she is faced with a choice. Give up this rare gift and live the normal life she has always craved or accept it and challenge the current True Elementris in a battle to the death.

      Ava’s past haunts her as she struggles to decide. In her present, the seasons are colliding together, storms are destroying lives, and love is a dangerous curse. The current True Elementris is behind it all and she will do whatever necessary to keep Ava from making it to her eighteenth birthday. Ava’s decision threatens the lives of the two people she cares about most. Can you choose between love and friendship?

Get ready for the storm…

Get the free sample here

First two chapters are a sample and if you like you can buy for 2.99

I would love to hear what you think of it, good or bad. 🙂