Project 365 Where I’m from

St Mary's River

This is the Saint Mary’s river. It separates the florida and Georgia line.

My grandmother’s name, who lived right beside us on the river, was actually Mary.

I visited my mother here yesterday, which is why I was inspired to post this, for my project 365. As a young child I thought the Georgia side was snow. I was pretty disappointed the first time we swam across and I discovered it was just white sand. My family rented canoe’s and tire tubes. We sold drinks and boiled p-nuts. Everything has changed now, and it’s kind of sad, but the river will always stay the way I remember it in my mind.There were many great memories made between those banks.There were also many times the river swelled, and rolled right over those banks. Many people dream of living on water front property, but I can tell you from experience, floods are no fun. However, I think the place we grow up is forever burned into our souls. There was a sort of magic to this place for me as a child and I will never forget the adventures I had there. That’s why It’s featured in the book, shhh, don’t tell. hehehe


2 Responses to “Project 365 Where I’m from”

  1. Really weird question, but did you grow up in Baker County? Just wondering, as this photo looks very familiar to me; as I grew up out in Macclenny… (my email is if you prefer to respond in private) – I haven’t had a chance to check, as I was intrigued by this pic while scrolling thru your page,but I don’t have a kindle. Hoping to be able to read your book some other way!! (iTunes, or the old fashioned way, perhaps…)

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