A book review (The Hunger Games)

Ok, so I’m not a professional book reviewer or qualified in any way, but I had to do it. I like to read and I love when someone says” you have to read this new book. It is so freaking awesome.” When it turns out to be freaking awesome, I love it. So Here is me starting and hoping that you all will leave a comment with some of your totally freaking awesome books.

I recently finished “The Hunger Games” after someone said it’s a great read. The story seems to start a little slow, but hang in there. Just a few pages in, it gets good. The life of the main character Katniss is basic and she is driven by the need to feed her family and survive herself. Katniss lives in one of the twelve districts that make up the world now. The capital rules over all those that inhabit each district. Each district is highly controlled because of rebellions that happened years ago. Now as a punishment and a reminder of those rebellions two children from each district are picked to fight to the death for the entertainment of the capital. I am trying not to give anything away, but this battle will be nothing like you first assume. Not only does Katniss find herself forced to kill someone she really likes or be killed, she discovers this game as they call it, is just as equally a psychological twister. This book will grab you and hold onto you till the very last word.

I am reading book two now and so far have found it just as addictive as the first. There is a movie coming out soon, but if you are like me you have to read the story, get into the characters mind, before you allow yourself a visual. Like I said before I am not qualified to give a perfect review by any means. I love a good story that’s what brought me to write The Vangeretta Curse and all the stories before it. So add anything you belive necessary and I would absolutely love to hear any of your book recommendations. Also anyone who had read The Hunger Games I would love to chit-chat and hear your opinions. Just don’t give away the second one for me.


2 Responses to “A book review (The Hunger Games)”

  1. I’ve been toying with reading it…you’ve got me verrrry curious!

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