Project 365?day 55 I’m baaaack :)

Just want to say first I’m sorry to all my project 365 buddies. My cell phone camera quit on me. I’m sorry to say that’s the only camera I have. It’s always with me though:) I went out and bought a new one with slightly higher pixels. Yah buddy! 🙂 I have also been really busy. I did the art and lit show, it was great. I have fleshed out the first 14.000 words on book two for The Vangeretta Curse, and built an entire room on my house with only family and friends help. Sooooo, I will try to get back to posting everyday. Also don’t forget to look left and go like my Facebook page. My book page on there is looking a little unliked 🙂 For the first pic, I am going to share my new marketing ploy heheeh, and a very cool thing. The Vangeretta Curse water bottles!!! Whoop Whoop. A little caffeinated this morning. Have a great day.


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