Project 365…366 day 8 (quill pen?)

Quill pen? Honestly there is no way I would be a writer if I had to write back in the day. I have been typing for a few years now and today I sat down to write a letter…with an actual pen and paper (caveman I know. ) My hand hurt after two paragraphs. I think the call to write is definitely something inside you that won’t go away, but I can’t image what the greats went through to get that writing itch scratched, and scratched so perfectly. I am thankful for the invention of the laptop and with respect to the writers of yester-year, really glad I get to type my stories. I want to give credit to spell check, save button, and my favorite back space button.


3 Responses to “Project 365…366 day 8 (quill pen?)”

  1. i know! Writing just feels so unnatural these days. Quite sad really. 🙂 Great post!

  2. momthewriter Says:

    Thank you Katie 🙂

  3. momthewriter Says:

    Love the flame pic btw. 🙂

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