Closing doors and opening windows

Closing doors and opening windows

`         Many of us have had those closing door moments in our lives. The old saying when one door closes a window opens rings very true for me. I married young and had my first child at sixteen. He was born with clubbed feet and has autism. The relationship was horrible to say the least, I honestly thought I was stuck, that was my life. I got myself out of a very bad situation and started over. I met my husband, moved and decided to climb through the window I was staring out of.

. That window turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I am now married to the most supportive husband in the world. He is amazing with my oldest son and never hesitated becoming a father figure for Tyler; even though most would not be able to handle a child with special needs like Tyler’s. His family is not perfect, but amazing; I honestly have the best mother in law in the world. We both have a child from previous relationships, and two children together, but we are one family.

          Because of moving, my divorce, and the past I am able to appreciate my life now. I just happened to meet my best friend, who happened to be a special needs teacher and one of my new sister in laws has a deaf child. She helped Tyler start learning sign. I started writing and my other sister in law just happens to be a great editor. My life is far from perfect or what I want it to be, but I have learned so far that the changes are the best part.

There are times in life when you see doors shutting and have no idea how you’re going to find your way out. You can run around the room whining about that shut door or you can be brave enough to climb out the window. Everyone knows change is scary, but if you don’t make a change everything will stay exactly the same. There are two kinds of attitude, cup half empty and cup half full. You’re the only person who can decide to look at your cup differently. It’s easy to get mad when life slams doors if your face. It’s hard to smile and wait for a window. For all of you struggling with slamming doors hang in there and don’t be afraid to take charge and make a change.


2 Responses to “Closing doors and opening windows”

  1. Jackie Paulson Says:

    I know how hard it is to raise an ADHD child as mine was that way, a girl. I was a single mom raising her and I worked three jobs. It was not easy. My daughter is now 17 and I am 45 and to think of all that I accomplished with her is amazing when I look back. Keep up the great work.

  2. momthewriter Says:

    It can be hard sometimes Jackie, with Tylers Autism. I cant imagine having to do it by myself. My mom was a single mother with us and I was a single mom with Tyler for only a short time. Just working one job and taking care of him by myself was hard I cant imagine three. BTW thanks for posting about the project 365 on FB. I really love the idea.:)

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