How it happend…..

I Wrote The Vangeretta curse because of one little blurb I wrote two years ago. It was “She is like a wild and out of control wind, but also the most beautiful storm you have ever seen.” I actually wrote that line for a different book. It was based on the idea of the characters crazy mother who she viewed as wild, free, and dangerous. Little secret… I’m working on re working that book now, and yep it’s got vampires in it.

            The first time I sat down to write the Vangeretta curse the first line just wrote itself. (A single bud formed on the end of a long thorny stem.) I love the idea of Ava’s story. She’s got a screwed up mother, a loving aunt, and a sexy warrior that she loves but can’t trust. The first discussions of TVC and its characters took place in a three hundred-dollar Wal-Mart pool with my best friend Vivian. It was actually a pretty funny sight. The two of us stretched out on kids floats and noodles trying to get a tan. The characters in TVC have seeped in to most of our conversations over the past two years.

            It’s just one of those stories that has to be told. I really want others to get to share this story. How many of us love the magic of a thunderstorm or as children pretended we could make the wind blow.  And choosing between your best friend and your boyfriend, talk about conflict. I will be sharing everything with all my blog followers over the next year. If it flops or takes of running you can see it all. Don’t forget the book trailer coming to a you tube video near you.


3 Responses to “How it happend…..”

  1. Hi! Firstly, congratulations on your book! And secondly, thank for the follow.
    After looking through some of your posts, I saw that you liked to draw also and your drawings are beautiful.
    Looking forward to reading more in the future =)


  2. momthewriter Says:

    Hi YoshiAnn,
    Thank you for the complements, the comment, and the follow. I love your art too. I also like the name of your blog 😉

    • You’re welcome; I really like people who express their creativity in a lot of ways (so it was cool to find someone else who writes and draws).

      Thank you, I really appreciate it =)

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