Welcome to my world

You see the image of writers on TV all the time. They are usually sitting in a quiet room inside a cabin. They have a cigarette burning in the ash tray and some stacks of books on their desks. In my world writing is nothing like this. My writing world, that i do love is cartoons blaring in the back ground, A few good paragraphs before “momma i want a drink.” Its laptop knocked on the floor and late nights; a deep breath to write a little between their bed time and mine. When you’re a mother of four rowdy children like mine, one who is special needs, writing is the in between of your day.

 Some how though its become my little bit of peace. For a few minutes or hours if I’m really lucky and don’t sleep I get to go somewhere else. I get to make up another world, where laundry and bills are not the main conflict. If all my dreams come true one day my kids will grow up to be responsible adults. Tyler, the one with Autism, will be able to partially take care of his self so I don’t have to worry about after I’m gone. I will get a book published so that I’m not as crazy as I sometimes think. Most of all those moments of getting there, will make some of the best memories for my children and my husband and I during the golden years.

I’m a blog virgin so bare whith me as I figure this and everything else in my life out. 🙂


4 Responses to “Welcome to my world”

  1. I can help any time you need me to. I love wordpress consider myself an expert, but best advice is look into utube and the video’s on how to use wordpress. Trust me, I went through each one so that I can know about it. It was so time consuming but well worth the effort. Your newest fan, jackie

  2. momthewriter Says:

    Thanks Jackie, I am an avid utube user; comes in handy for novel research. I am definitely new to the blog thing and would love your help. 🙂

  3. Much to enjoy and relate to in your blog. Thanks for sharing, it always helps when we actually know others who are crazy enough to write through the chaos, or because of it.

    Thank you for following my fledgling blog. It helped me through some rough spots this fall and created an addiction in the process. And I still don’t know what I’m doing. This much I do know, I have to write.


    • momthewriter Says:

      I have come to think writing through the chaos makes it more fun… sometimes 🙂 and the chaos gives me more to write about. Thankyou Shez for the follow and the comment. I am having tuns of fun with the blog thing and finding it very addictive myself.:)

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